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Magic Ears Reviews 2022: An Honest Review of Teaching With Magic Ears

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Thinking of teaching English online? There are hundreds of platforms out there but in this Magic Ears reviews post, I’m going to introduce you to one of the fastest-growing ESL programs.

What Is Magic Ears?

Magic Ears is an online English teaching company based in China.

Their goal is to match young Chinese students with qualified native English speaking teachers in order to learn and grow their English skills.

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Magic Ears Requirements

As with any job, there are requirements in order to become a Magic Ears teacher.

Although Magic Ears’ requirements resemble the requirements of other online English teaching companies, there are a few differences that you’ll want to note.

Magic Ears Reviews: Apply to Magic Ears

Here are three requirements and one preference that Magic Ears sets for their applicants:

✔️ Bachelor’s Degree OR Enrolled In A Bachelor’s Degree Program

A Bachelor’s degree in any subject is accepted by Magic Ears. They do require an official transcript or diploma as proof.

One of the biggest differences between Magic Ears and other online English teaching companies is that you don’t have to be completely finished with your degree in order to apply and teach classes.

You will need to provide proof that you’re enrolled and working on a Bachelor’s program to qualify.

✔️ TEFL or TESOL Certificate

Another requirement for teaching with Magic Ears is a TEFL or TESOL certificate.

In Order To Teach For Magic Ears, You Must Have A TEFL Or TESOL Certificate. I received mine from Premier TEFL.

You must obtain this certificate independently before you apply or you can enroll in Magic Ears’ TEFL certification program ($$).

I personally got my 120-Hour TEFL Certification from Premier TEFL. Premier TEFL’s certifications are internationally recognized and fully accredited.

You can take the same course I did for just $37 by clicking the link below:

Premier TEFL

✔️ From A Native English-Speaking Country

Another requirement that Magic Ears deems necessary is being a native English speaker.

In the past, Magic Ears would only hire teachers from the USA or Canada, but they have since changed their guidelines. They now hire teachers from any native-English speaking country (this includes Ireland, the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc).

✔️ ESL/Teaching Experience Preferred

The last thing I want to point out is that Magic Ears strongly prefers applicants to have prior teaching experience.

Online English Teaching Classroom Set-Up

Teaching experience in any setting (tutoring, coaching, mentoring, babysitting, etc) is looked upon favorably, so don’t forget to include this in your application.

Magic Ears Computer & Tech Requirements

In order to write a proper Magic Ears reviews post, I want to outline all of the computer and tech requirements in addition to professional requirements.

Here is what you’ll need:

✔️ Computer or Laptop

Unlike VIPKID, you will need a computer or laptop in order to teach with Magic Ears. An iPad will not work.

Your laptop or computer must have 4GB of RAM in order to run the teaching platform properly and smoothly.

Note: If you’re in store for a new computer, check out the laptops I recommend for VIPKID: The Best Computer For VIPKID. Each of the computers we recommend in this post will work perfectly with Magic Ears.

✔️ Webcam

In order to teach for Magic Ears, you will need a webcam whether it’s built into your computer or external.

Note: We recommend the Logitech C90 for online English teaching.

✔️ Headset

In order to block out external sounds, a headset is a requirement set by Magic Ears.

Be sure to order a headset that has a microphone so that you’re able to communicate with your students. A mute button is also helpful, so consider this when purchasing your headset.

Note: We recommend the Logitech Stereo Headset H151 with Microphone because it’s cheap and effective.

✔️ Stable Internet Connection

Stable internet can be the difference between an awesome class and a headache, so it’s important that you have a strong connection to WiFi.

Magic Ears recommends the following internet speeds:

Download – 20 Mbps
Upload – 5 Mbps

You can check your internet speed by using this free tool:

Although these are the recommended minimum internet speeds, it is possible to teach classes with lower speeds than this. An ethernet cord is a great way to improve your internet stability.

Magic Ears Hiring Process

To continue our Magic Ears reviews post, we’re going to shift to the hiring process.

Understandably daunting, the Magic Ears hiring process is actually a lot easier than other online English teaching companies.

Here is what you can expect:

1. Application

The application stage of the hiring process is quite easy. Simply fill out the necessary information and submit.

If you meet all of the requirements, you should have no issue moving onto the next step.

Magic Ears Reviews: Application Process Walk Through.

It’s very important to have a referring teacher as you begin your Magic Ears journey. That way they can help you through the process and get you up and teaching in no time.

If you don’t have a referring teacher, feel free to use my referral link below:

Teach With Magic Ears

If you use my referral link to sign up, be sure to send me an email so I can help you through the process. You can email me at

Note: If you live in California, New York, or Washington state, you may struggle to get past the first step of the hiring process.

Magic Ears, along with several other online English teaching companies, have put a hold on hiring teachers from these states due to the new laws regarding independent contractors.

2. Mini Demo

The next step in the Magic Ears hiring process is the mini demo.

The mini demo includes a quick interview with a real employee who will ask you a few questions about where you live, where you received your Bachelor’s degree, and if you have experience teaching children.

Following the small interview, you will be teaching slides (provided for you before your mini-demo) for approximately 8-10 minutes.

For an in-depth look at the mini-demo, check out the Youtube video below:

Note: Be sure to keep a smile on your face and use plenty of TPR throughout the entire mini-demo.

3. Training

Once you pass your mini-demo, you’ll be instructed to book a live training with a current Magic Ears teacher who will help you understand the platform, give you tips for the trial class, and answer any questions you might have.

Note: Take notes during your training! It will come in handy as you prep for your trial class.

4. Trial Class

Trial classes are conducted in a real classroom with a real Magic Ears student.

Magic Ears will provide the lesson materials so that you can practice before entering the classroom. Be sure to study and utilize everything you have learned from the mini-demo and training.

For a quick look into a real Magic Ears class, check out this Youtube video:

5. Background Check

After you pass your trial class, it’s time to submit and pass your background check.

Due to the sensitive nature of the job (you will be teaching young children), Magic Ears needs to verify that your background is clean.

The company will do all the work to complete the background check, you will simply sign a consent form.

6. Contract Sign

And finally, you’ll be able to sign your contract and begin teaching with Magic Ears.

Contracts are a 6-month commitment.

Magic Ears Pay

And now the question that most people ask in Magic Ears reviews posts: How much money will I be paid to teach with this company?

Want To Earn Money While Teaching English Online? Use this calculator to figure out exactly how much you can make teaching with Magic Ears.

Magic Ears has set up their pay scale a bit differently than other online English teaching companies. When you get hired by Magic Ears, you’ll be assigned a tier.

Here is what you can expect at each tier:

Bronze Tier

To qualify for the Bronze Tier, you’ll need to meet the basic requirements set by Magic Ears.

If you are placed at the Bronze Tier, your Magic Ears base pay will be $7.50 per class. Since classes are 30 minutes in total, this means you’ll earn $15 per hour.

Remember: This is only your base pay. You will also receive bonus incentives for each class; you can read more about bonus incentives after we discuss payment tiers.

Gold Tier

To qualify for the Gold Tier, you will need to meet the basic requirements and meet one of the two following requirements:

1. You must have taught at least 3,000 classes with another online English teaching company and the students must be from China.


2. You must hold a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in education (not physical education.. sorry!) or English language teaching.

If you’re placed in the Gold Tier, your Magic Ears base pay will be set at $8.50 per class ($17 per hour). Again, remember that this is just your base pay, this does not include bonus incentives, which you will receive for each lesson.

Platinum Tier

To qualify for the Platinum Tier with Magic Ears, you must meet the basic requirements and meet both of the requirements listed below:

1. You must have taught at least 3,000 classes with another online English teaching company and the students must be from China.


2. You must hold a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in education (not physical education.. sorry!) or English language teaching.

If you meet these requirements, your Magic Ears base pay will be $10 per class ($20 per hour plus bonus incentives).

Bonus Incentives

In addition to tiers, Magic Ears also incorporates bonus incentives into their payment system.

There are two possible bonus incentives that you could earn per class. They are as follows:

Peak Time Bonus Incentive

If you open at least 60 classes per month during peak time slots, you will earn an extra dollar per class taught.

The cool part is that you don’t even have to fill all of those teaching slots, you just need to open them and you’ll earn the incentive for each class.

Participation Incentive

In addition, arriving to your first class on time (3-10 minutes early), you’ll earn another dollar per class taught.

This means that you could potentially add $4 per hour to your hourly pay with Magic Ears. Not bad, huh?

Maximum Pay With Magic Ears

Unlike VIPKID, Magic Ears still offers raises, which you can apply for after a certain number of contracts.

Exchanging Magic Ears carrots for a raise in your base pay

Magic Ears pay tops out at $26 per hour, which means that your base pay per class cannot exceed $11.

When Do I Get Paid With Magic Ears?

Magic Ears pays their teachers once per month.

Magic Ears Hours

Without understanding hours of operations, this Magic Ears reviews post would be incomplete.

So, what hours can you actually work for Magic Ears?

Teaching English Online Hours

Unlike VIPKID, GoGoKid and Zebra English, Magic Ears has select hours throughout the day (Beijing Time). So, unfortunately, it isn’t possible to consistently work 40 hours per week with this company.

Here are Magic Ears’ hours:

Everyday from 5am – 9am Eastern Time (7 days per week)

Saturday + Sunday from 9pm – 9am Eastern Time

Expect full availability for teaching hours during holidays like Chinese New Year and during the summer months (July & August are summer holiday for the children in China). This means you could potentially teach 12 hours per day during these times if you choose.

Note: There are no minimum teaching hours with Magic Ears, but the more teaching slots you open, the more classes you’re guaranteed.

Magic Ears Reviews: The 7 Pros of Teaching With Magic Ears

To wrap up this Magic Ears reviews post, I want to cover the pros and cons of teaching with this company.

Here are the 7 positive aspects of teaching with Magic Ears:

1. High Pay

Taking the top advantage spot in this Magic Ears reviews post is HIGH PAY.

Compared to other platforms, Magic Ears is one of the highest paying online English teaching companies. Most teachers earn between $20-26 per hour.

If you’re looking to be compensated appropriately for your teaching skills, Magic Ears just might be the company for you.

2. Flexible Cancellation

One of the biggest concerns aspiring online English teachers have is in regards to canceling classes.

Look, I get it. Things happen. We need to be able to have flexibility with our bookings!

Luckily, Magic Ears does have a flexible cancellation policy, especially in comparison to other online English teaching companies.

Magic Ears Cancellation Policy. Magic Ears has one of the most flexible cancellation policies among other online English teaching companies.

With up to FOUR free cancellations per month, you won’t have to worry about violating any of the company’s rules.

3. Raises

In 2020, VIPKID got rid of their raises, which was a big blow to veteran teachers.

But, I’m happy to report that Magic Ears DOES offer raises.

Teachers with Magic Ears have the opportunity to increase their base pay all the way up to $11 per class.

Raises are offered after a specific number of contracts and you’ll need to meet certain requirements to earn a raise. Luckily, getting a raise is much easier with Magic Ears than it is with other online English teaching companies.

4. Possibility To Move Up In The Company

Moving up the ladder is possible with Magic Ears and it’s one of the things that makes this company special.

While most people apply to Magic Ears with the obvious intention to teach children, it’s exciting to know that you can move up in the company.

They offer positions in curriculum development, social media marketing, and more.

5. Responsive Staff

Having a support system is extremely important when it comes to teaching English online. Anyone who has worked for a company with a poor teacher support system knows how frustrating it can be.

One of the best things about Magic Ears is that they continually offer great teacher support and they’re very quick to respond.

They even interact with teachers through an app called DingTalk in case of emergencies.

6. Voice Feedback

Do you want to know my least favorite part of teaching English online? Leaving SO MUCH FEEDBACK.

I feel like I’ll never see the end of typing out feedback. I understand it’s important for students and their parents to know how they are doing in class, but it’s so tedious for teachers.

But, with Magic Ears, you’ll be able to complete your feedback just by recording your voice.

Voice recording your feedback is SO much easier than typing out paragraph after paragraph.

Simply record yourself and you’re finished!

Awesome, right?

7. Guaranteed Bookings

Alright, now let’s get into to most common frustration that everyone seems to have with other online English teaching companies… Bookings.

Will you actually get bookings if you teach with Magic Ears?

You’re in luck!

With Magic Ears, you are guaranteed bookings because the company books classes for you.

So, instead of waiting for the parents to fall in love with your profile, you’ll be given classes right away.

Note: The more classes you open, the better! And the longer you stay with Magic Ears, the more your classes will fill up.

Magic Ears Reviews: The 2 Cons of Teaching With Magic Ears

I can’t go through a Magic Ears reviews post without mentioning the negative aspects of this company.

So here goes! These are the 2 things you should know about Magic Ears before you apply:

1. One-On-Four Teaching

This is what turned me off the most when I first heard about Magic Ears… Teaching up to FOUR students at once. Yikes!

Sometimes teaching just one child can be demanding and difficult, but having FOUR in a classroom? How does that work?

Magic Ears Classroom. This platform is different than other online English teaching companies in that you'll teach up to four students at a time.

Although I don’t prefer to teach so many children at once (at least not online), some teachers do like it.

Some say that teaching this many students encourages them all to behave and participate.

However, I still think it takes up a LOT of energy.

2. Strict Teaching Style

Every online English teaching company has their own teaching style. Some are laidback and flexible with their teachers while other companies expect near perfection (or so it seems).

Magic Ears is one of those companies that is quite strict with their teaching style.

Luckily, they provide the necessary training to help you understand their way of teaching.

But don’t worry, you won’t get fired for not sticking to their teaching style, but you will receive constant emails with feedback on how to improve.

Magic Ears Reviews: Is It Worth It To Teach For Magic Ears?

To wrap up this Magic Ears reviews post, let’s talk about whether or not Magic Ears is worth your time.

Right now, Magic Ears is expanding their platform and they are desperate for teachers. Bookings are at an all-time high and you’ll likely see great success with this company.

Join Magic Ears. A company with a flexible cancellation policy, bookings made by the company, and high pay.

Not only will you be offered a much higher pay than other companies, but you will also benefit from flexible cancellation policies and a support staff.

In my opinion, Magic Ears has revamped their platform and has quickly jumped to the top of the list of best online English teaching companies (I would NOT have said this a year ago).

It is completely worth your time to apply, so give it a shot.

Use my referral link below to start your application:

Magic Ears

Note: If you use my referral link, be sure to send me an email at so I can help you through the process.

Contact Magic Ears

If you need to get in touch with Magic Ears, you can send them an email.

For general questions about your application, the hiring process, and more, email them at

For questions about pay, email them at

The Wrap-Up: Magic Ears Reviews

I hope this Magic Ears reviews post gave you a comprehensive look into this online English teaching company.

Magic Ears is a platform that is expanding rapidly; the possibilities are endless. Jump into the online ESL world with this quality company.


  1. You have perked my interest and I will be looking into this company in more detail. I have recently gotten my Tesol certification and also have my bachelor’s in elementary education. I am interested in their teaching Style to see if it would work for me. I will be in touch, thanks so much.

  2. Hey thanks for all the info
    I currently work for tutorgroup but things are going sour…
    I get no sessions anymore with them anymore so want to apply for a new company.
    Could you please answer some of my questions :

    Do you always have to teach 4 students ?
    Do you know if this company accepts people who wear a headscarf?
    and do they accept people from the UK ?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Asiya,

      Unfortunately, Magic Ears doesn’t accept teachers from the UK. They said they did for a while, but every teacher I’ve seen from the UK that has applied to Magic Ears has been denied right away.

  3. Thanks so much for all the information! I found this very helpful. I have one question though. I’m Canadian but I live in the Dominican Republic. Do they accept people who don’t live in North America?

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