A Picture of a Yurt in the Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Best Kyrgyzstan Tours 2022: Trekking, Culture, + Family Holidays

Want to find the best Kyrgyzstan tours for 2022? We’ve got you covered because we’ll be in Kyrgyzstan all summer/fall (and even winter) and we’d love to have you join us!

If you’re looking for an amazing and exotic travel destination, look no further than Kyrgyzstan, the heart of Central Asia. This beautiful country is home to towering mountain ranges, pristine mountain lakes, lish valleys and fascinating cultural treasures.

In this blog post, we’ll tell you all about the best Central Asia tours you can take to Kyrgyzstan for 2022. Stick around to the end of the post and we’ll also give you some safety tips so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about your safety.

Best Kyrgyzstan Tours 2022

There are a variety of small group tours available in Kyrgyzstan, from trekking and hiking tours to cultural and historical tours. Whatever your interests are, you’ll be able to find a tour that’s perfect for you and have a great time!

Here are the best Kyrgyzstan holiday tours for 2022:

1. Trekking In The Pamir-Alay Mountains

12-day trekking tour

While the very tallest mountains in the contiguous United States hover around 14,000 feet, the peaks in Kyrgyzstan’s Pamir-Alay range average a whopping 20,000 feet. Can you imagine that?

The Trekking In The Pamir-Alay Mountains tour will take you through some of the most beautiful nature and remote landscapes in the world. When we were on this tour, I remember thinking, “if Banff National Park didn’t have tourists, this would be it”.

Looking out over glacial lakes at Sary Mogol Pass during a Kyrgyzstan tour.

You’ll get to experience traditional Kyrgyz culture as you stay in yurts, eat traditional food, and camp in the desolate Central Asian mountain landscapes. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will have you starving for more.

In fact, Mike and I took this tour in September of 2021 and by February, we were already back in Kyrgyzstan on another with the exact same tour company, Visit Alay.

Who Is This Kyrgyzstan Tour For?

This tour was designed for avid hikers and adventurous travelers that are able to complete a multi-day trek.

Although this trekking route is quite difficult, there will be a donkey joining the crew to carry luggage and any hikers that can’t quite make it to the next guesthouse.

Mike standing on Sary Mogol Pass overlooking glacial lakes in Kyrgyzstan.

Trekking In The Pamir-Alay Mountains Tour Itinerary

✔️ Day One– Arrive In Osh for a welcome meeting and dinner on your first day.

✔️ Day Two – Take a jeep tour from Osh along the scenic Pamir Highway to Sary Mogol village. 3-4 hours trek to beautiful Izumrudnoe lake before dinner at a guesthouse.

✔️ Day Three – Acclimatization hike towards Kosh-Kol alpine lake; a moderately difficult day trek that takes you to a series of alpine meadows, lakes and glaciers.

✔️ Day Four – Full day trek from Sary Mogol village to Sary Mogol Mountain Pass; a hike filled with glaciated peaks and beautiful lakes. Stay at an epic campground for the night.

Camping at the base of the massive peaks in the Alay Mountain Range.

✔️ Day Five – Trek from the campsite through a lush valley to Kosh-Moinok village. Stay in Kosh-Moinok village for the night in a guesthouse.

✔️ Day Six– Trek over Sarybell Pass to Kojokelen village. Along the way, take in magnificent views of the rugged Kichik Alay Mountains.

✔️ Day Seven – An easy walk to Jiptick yurt camp. Once at Jiptick, we’ll participate in a bread-making master class of shepherds.

✔️ Day Eight – Trek over Jiptick Pass (13,730 feet) to a yurt camp in Darbazatash Valley. Enjoy stunning views of towering Lenin Peak before settling into a yurt camp for the night.

Admiring the views during a Kyrgyzstan tour.
Standing on Traveler's Pass at the base of Lenin Peak during a Kyrgyzstan tour.

✔️ Day Nine – Walk 3 hours to Sary Mogol village. Settle into our guesthouse before visiting the local community. Here you’ll find a souvenir shop run by local woman cooperatives, and participate in a felt making show.

✔️ Day Ten – From Sary Mogol Village, drive out to Tulpar Lake at the foot of Lenin Peak. Zigzag up toward Lenin Peak and stop at Traveler’s Pass (13,451 feet). Stay in a yurt camp near Tulpar Lake for the night.

✔️ Day Eleven – Explore the cultural aspects of Kyrgyzstan with a Yak show and folklore. Get the chance to ride on a yak before driving back to Osh.

✔️ Day Twelve – Fly back home!

Forget about other multi-day treks you’ve taken before.. the Pamir-Alay multi-day hike will wow you and make you come back for more (it literally did this to us!).

Looking to book this tour for 2022/2023? Send us an email (mike@mikeandlauratravel.com) and we’ll be in touch with tour dates! We have several tours throughout the year and we’re looking forward to having you along.

2. Kyrgyzstan Highlights

12-day cultural + adventure tour

Kyrgyzstan is a country full of natural beauty and fascinating history. On the Kyrgyzstan Highlights tour, you’ll get a bit of everything. You’ll see some of the country’s most iconic sights, experience the traditional nomadic lifestyle, and trek some of the most incredible paths in Central Asia. – You’ll even travel along parts of the ancient Great Silk Road!

At a golden eagle demonstration in Kyrgyzstan.

We got a good taste of this tour during our time in Kyrgyzstan this February. Surprisingly, we were nervous about this itinerary because we had just been on the trip of a lifetime and didn’t know if anything could live up to that.

Fast forward to now and we can’t decide which one was better; they both offered something completely different but equally as incredible.

Who Is This Kyrgyzstan Tour For?

This cultural tour is perfect for those who want an epic adventure but don’t want to spend everyday hiking. If you want to experience Kyrgyzstan from all sides, this is the tour for you.

Families really enjoy this itinerary because it isn’t too difficult. All of the treks can be tailored to your ability level and the activities are fun for all ages.

Traditional Kyrgyz dancers.
Riding horses near Bokonbaevo village in Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan Highlights Tour Itinerary

✔️ Day One – Arrive in beautiful Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

✔️ Day Two – Bishkek to Burana Tower and Chon-Kemin village

✔️ Day Three – Chon Kemin village to Issyk-Kul Lake and Karakol

Note: Lake Issyk-Kul is a second largest alpine lake in the world after Titicaca located in South America.

✔️ Day Four – Easy 5-6-hour trek from Svetlaya Polyana to Kok-Jaiyk Valley followed by a traditional yurt camp stay.

✔️ Day Five – A short hike to Skazka Canyon, then an eagle hunting demonstration with a local eagle hunter. Drive to Kochkor village.

Fairytale Canyon on the south side of Issyk Kul during a tour in Kyrgyzstan.
Practicing archery in a field near Bokonbaevo, Kyrgyzstan.

Note: Kochkor is a Kyrgyz village that’s known for shyrdak felt rugs, embroideries, and creative handicrafts. Locals share their knowledge and expertise through a special demonstration and workshop that we get to take part in.

✔️ Day Six – Drive to Son-Köl Lake. Options to go horse riding or take small walking tours along the lakeshore. Stay in traditional yurt camp.

✔️ Day Seven – Travel to lush valley of Suusamyr, home of the biggest summer pastures in Kyrgyzstan. The valley expands over a whopping 4,300 square kilometers (1,700 square miles).

✔️ Day Eight – Drive from Suusamyr through big, beautiful landscapes to Arslanbob.

✔️ Day Nine – 3-4-hour walk through the largest walnut forest to visit waterfalls. Drive to Osh, the capital of Southern Kyrgyzstan.

Note: Arslanbob is one of the best places to get the sense of rural village life since this remote village is quite different from other popular places in Kyrgyzstan. The local people are mostly Uzbek and more conservative with a totally different culture.

✔️ Day Ten – Drive from Osh to Tulpar Lake at the base of Lenin Peak (23,406 feet). Enjoy a folkloric show and yak show on the shores of Tulpar Kul lake. Yurt stay.

Yurts at the base of Lenin Peak.
Our hiking group on Traveler's Pass.

✔️ Day Eleven – Walk up to Traveler’s Pass from Tulpar Lake with breathtaking views of Lenin Peak. Drive and stay in Sary Mogul village.

✔️ Day Twelve – Drive from Sary Mogul village to Osh. Visit the Bazar, Sulaiman mountain and the main square. Farewell dinner.

✔️ Day Thirteen – Fly back home!

Whether you’re looking for culture, history, or natural beauty, the Kyrgyzstan Highlights tour has it all. To learn more and/or sign up for one of our upcoming 2022/2023 Kyrgyzstan adventures, send us an email at mike@mikeandlauratravel.com.

3. Kyrgyzstan Winter Adventure + Cultural Tour

If you’re looking for something a little different, our winter tour to Kyrgyzstan might be the unique experience you’re searching for.

Our Kyrgyzstan Winter Adventure + Cultural tour takes place between February and March when the snow-capped mountains are absolutely stunning.

During our winter tour in Tian Shan Mountain Range in Kyrgyzstan.
Snowshoeing during winter Kyrgyzstan tour.

You’ll have the great opportunity to experience traditional eagle hunting and even stay in a real yurt. And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to play in the snow; from snowshoeing to skiing and snowboarding, we will literally be living in a cold winter wonderland.

✔️ Day One: Day trip from Bishkek to Ala Archa National Park for a 3-4 hour-hike to explore the area and take in the breathtaking sights of the Tian Shan Mountain Range.

✔️ Day Two: Bishkek to Burana Tower, ancient petroglyphs, and finish the day in Karakol.

Burana Tower with the Tian Shan Mountain Range in the back.

✔️ Day Three: Spend the day at Karakol Ski Base for skiing and snowboarding.

✔️ Day Four: Visit Altyn Arashan Hot Springs via retired 4×4 military vehicle – OR** – sea kayak on Issyk Kul Lake and visit historic areas in Karakol. After kayaking, enjoy a visit to the local hot springs.

**This will depend solely on the weather conditions on the mountains. If there has been heavy snowfall and avalanches could occur, we will continue with option #2.

✔️ Day Five: Drive to Kokjaiyk for an overnight stay in a traditional yurt. Nestled in the high mountains, we will take a day snowshoe trek through the valley with towering peaks on all sides.

Yurts in a winter wonderland in Kyrgyzstan.

✔️ Day Six: Drive to Bokonbaevo for a golden eagle demonstration. On the drive, we will stop at Fairytale Canyon for a brief hike and photographs.

✔️ Day Seven: Day trip to a ranch for horseback riding. Ride horses up to Shatyly Viewpoint, the perfect lookout to see massive Issyk Kul and the rugged mountains surrounding it. We end the day with traditional Kyrgyz dancers and musicians.

Horseback riding in Kyrgyzstan.

✔️ Day Eight: On the drive back to Bishkek, we make a stop at Kyzyl-Tuu village where we learn how to set up a yurt from people who do this as a family business.

If this winter Kyrgyzstan adventure tour fits your travel style and you want to join, we’d love to have you. Reach out to us via email: mike@mikeandlauratravel.com.

Visiting Kyrgyzstan: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve made it this far without registering for one of the above private tours, you might have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about visiting Kyrgyzstan.

Is Kyrgyzstan Open For Tourism?

Yes, Kyrgyzstan is open for tourism. They do have several requirements that change frequently. You can find out more about the updated criteria to enter Kyrgyzstan by going to this website.

Note: During your tour around Kyrgyzstan you will mostly be traveling through rural areas. – They do not accept credit cards off the beaten path, so be sure to bring plenty of cash with you. (The currency in Kyrgyzstan is the Kyrgyzstani Som).

When’s The Best Time To Visit Kyrgyzstan?

The best time of year to visit Kyrgyzstan really depends on what you want to do while you’re here. If you’re looking to trek in the mountains, the time to visit is during the high season from the end of June through mid-September.

Glacial Lakes from the top of Sary Mogol Pass.
Lenin Peak in the background during a trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan.

Average temperature during the summer months range from 70 to high-90ºs F. These warm temperatures will allow you to hike up to the 14,000+-foot passes, visit viewpoints that feature some of the most beautiful turquoise glacial lakes, and camp at the base of these monstrous peaks.

If you want a few smaller day hikes, skiing, and winter wonderland yurt stays, I recommend considering our winter tour. While I’m more of a summer/autumn kind of person, we truly enjoyed spending time in Kyrgyzstan during the month of February.

Is Kyrgyzstan Safe?

100% yes, it is safe to travel to Kyrgyzstan.

Keeping in mind that there are always risks anywhere in the world, I have to say that Kyrgyzstan was one of the safest places I’ve ever been. Having visited 40+ countries, I was blown away by how safe I felt.

Young boy in a local village during our tour.

If you want more information about specific safety details for Kyrgyzstan, read our post here.

Best Kyrgyzstan Tour Packages

We’ve spent the majority of the past year in Kyrgyzstan; our love for this country grew as soon as we left the airport and we can’t wait to share this with everyone else.

Together with Visit Alay (an expert local tour guide company out of Osh), we have created and organized the three tours above so that you can feel confident and stress-free when visiting this region of the world.

If you’d like to join us on the trip of a lifetime, reach out to us via email: mike@mikeandlauratravel.com.

The Wrap-Up: Best Kyrgyzstan Tours 2022

Kyrgyzstan is one of the best hidden gems in the world; plan your trip here soon before everyone else figures out how amazing it is. From the stunning landscapes to the friendly people, there’s something for everyone in this Central Asian jewel.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you on one of our many Kyrgyzstan tour packages.