At Mike & Laura Travel, we’re dedicated to crafting personalized travel itineraries.

We’re not travel agents. We’re travel experts.

Over the years, we’ve received hundreds of requests for trip planning help.

No wonder!

We’ve traveled full time for over 9 years and checked off 30+ countries. And we have no plans to slow down!

Our team of travel experts will help YOU see the world with a custom itinerary tailored to fit ✨you✨.

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Finally check #1 off your bucket list.

If you have always wanted to travel – but felt intimidated or overwhelmed with the planning process – let us craft the perfect custom itinerary for your unique trip.

We specialize in curating unforgettable journeys to truly unique destinations.

From the icy wonders of Svalbard to the mysterious allure of Easter Island, we have explored the extraordinary.

What’s Your Travel Type?

Whether you seek eco-conscious wildlife encounters or immersion in diverse cultures, we will guide you towards unforgettable experiences.

When you work with us, we make your preferences our first priority.

We’ll ask questions like:

🗺 Do you like remote locals or bustling cities?

🗺 What’s more important to you – the food or the views?

🗺 Do you want an adventurous experience or a more classic sight-seeing trip?

No matter your travel style – we’ve got you covered.

Our expertise is drawn from firsthand knowledge of countries that have captured our hearts and keep us coming back again and again.

Our approach is simple: we handle the planning, you handle the booking.

It’s the best of both worlds.

Rest assured that our meticulous attention to detail ensures a meaningful trip for you.

We take care all of the details, and all you have to do is book the dates and pay for the trip.

That way, you’re not stuck with hidden fees AND you have complete control of your reservations.

Leave the details (and stress) to us.

“I just can’t decide! How do I know if I’m making the right choice?”

That’s the #1 concern we hear from our clients.

We make it simple. With your preferences in hand, we’ll craft the perfect itinerary that fits both your bucket list and budget.

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Don’t miss out on the trip of a lifetime because you’re frozen with indecision.

With a range of packages tailored to your travel style and unique needs, we offer everything from basic route planning to fully customized itineraries.

Why Not Just Use a Travel Agent?

Travel agents are great!


❌ They generally don’t have any on-location experience.

❌ Their services can be expensive.

❌ They’re often motivated to choose vendors that earn them a commission, rather than selecting the BEST places for YOUR needs.

❌ Turn around is generally three weeks or more for a simple itinerary.


❌ They make the bookings for you which means prices are less transparent. Not to mention, it’s more difficult to make adjustments in case of a change in plans.

Our Travel Planning Services

✔️ Our team has extensive firsthand experience with the destinations you’re interested in visiting.

✔️ Our services are on a sliding scale and there are no hidden fees.

✔️ We suggest vendors that we have personally used and loved.

✔️ We complete itineraries in a matter of 3-5 days, not weeks.


✔️ YOU make the bookings, meaning costs are transparent and reservations easier to access and adjust in case of a change in plans.

Don’t let AI touch your itinerary.

We emphasize personal experience and local insight.

Major travel companies hand your form responses over to Chat GPT and let it mindlessly spit out your vacation, never caring that it might turn out sour.

Your next adventure starts here.

Let us assist you in selecting the perfect destination and designing an itinerary that checks all of your boxes.

With Mike & Laura Travel, you can trust that our team will provide the highest level of personalized care AND create a comprehensive itinerary that exceeds your expectations.

For more information on our itinerary planning packages, reach out to us at or complete the contact form below.

Your dream adventure awaits!