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A GoGoKid Review: The Pros and Cons Updated 2023

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Looking to teach English online? There are hundreds of companies hiring online ESL teachers, each with their own unique platforms.

In this review post, you’ll learn everything there is to know about GoGoKid, one of the leading online ESL platforms in 2021.

GoGoKid Review: What Is GoGoKid?

GoGoKid is an online English teaching platform that opened in the summer of 2018. This company serves young children in China, typically between the ages of 3-12 years old.

GoGoKid matches young English language learners with native English speakers from the US or Canada so that they can better their grammar and conversational skills.

What Are The GoGoKid Requirements?

In order to teach for GoGoKid, there are four requirements that you must meet:

1. A Bachelor’s Degree

Similar to other online English teaching platforms, you’ll need a 4-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

A lot of people assume that you need an English or teaching degree in order to teach for GoGoKid or other companies. However, your degree can be in any subject.

GoGoKid will check and verify your degree before you can sign your contract.

You will need to provide proof in the form of a completed transcript or diploma.

2. Teaching Experience

Another requirement for GoGoKid is teaching experience.

Luckily, GoGoKid doesn’t care what kind of teaching experience you have, just as long as you’ve worked with children before.

On your application, you’ll need to indicate that you have at least one year of experience teaching in any setting (this could include nannying, babysitting, coaching, mentoring, etc).

3. Legal Right To Work In The USA or Canada

As of 2021, GoGoKid is only working with teachers from the USA and Canada.

GoGoKid has imposed this requirement because they want their teachers to have neutral North American accents.

Note: GoGoKid is currently not hiring teachers from the state of California due to the AB5 law that passed in 2019 regarding independent contractors.

This could also affect aspiring teachers from Washington (state) and New York as well.

4. ESL Certification

Along with many other online ESL companies, GoGoKid will soon merge to follow the law that requires applicants to have a teaching license in their country of residence OR a TESOL/TEFL certification.

If you don’t have a teaching license, I recommend getting your TESOL/TEFL certification sooner rather than later.

You can easily get an accredited TEFL certification at the link below:

Premier TEFL 120 Hour Online Certification

I used Premier TEFL to get my certification and it works perfectly with any online ESL company.

Not only is Premier TEFL internationally accredited and easy to complete, but it’s affordable, too.

Does GoGoKid Do A Background Check?

In order to work for GoGoKid, you’ll need to pass a background check.

Since you’ll be working with kids, passing a background check is a must.

GoGoKid will conduct the background check for you, all you need to do is agree to it. Simple as that!

Note: If you have a felony on your record, even if it doesn’t have to do with children, you will likely NOT pass the background check. In the past, other teachers have tried and have been denied because of this.

GoGoKid Tech Requirements

In addition to the teacher requirements, you’ll need to meet the following criteria for tech requirements in order to teach for GoGoKid:

1. A Computer

Since you’ll be teaching online, you’ll need a device that connects to the internet. Unlike VIPKID, you cannot teach from an iPad, so a computer or laptop is necessary.

For your computer to run properly with the GoGoKid software, the company recommends that your computer has at least 8GB of RAM.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re running on an up-to-date computer system.

GoGoKid requires Mac OS 10.10 or higher and for Window users, you’ll need Windows 7 or higher.

2. High Speed Internet

High-speed internet is another requirement set by GoGoKid. This is so that the connection between you and your student remains stable.

GoGoKid recommends that your internet speed is above 25 Mbps download.

I realize this could be confusing for some people. The easiest way to check your internet speed is by conducting a speed test.

You can run a free internet speed test by using this tool: speedtest.net.

If your internet doesn’t meet the 25 Mbps standard, don’t worry. You can either use an ethernet cord to increase the stability of your internet connection or you can simply teach using the internet speed you have.

I have taught on speeds as low as 5 Mbps and have been perfectly fine.

3. Web Camera

Your student needs to be able to see your face when you’re teaching, so a web camera is a must.

Personally, I use the camera that is built into my Macbook Air and that works perfectly.

If your computer doesn’t have a built-in camera, I recommend purchasing the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.

Logitech always offers quality products that last, so you cannot go wrong with this webcam.

4. Headset

And finally, you’ll need a headset in order to teach for GoGoKid.

Not only will it help block out background noise, but it will also keep echoing to a minimum.

The headset that I use is the Logitech 3.5mm Analog Stereo Headset H151.

This headset has held up for thousands upon thousands of online ESL classes, so it’s a great quality product.

What Materials Do I Need For GoGoKid?

Aside from the requirements above, there isn’t a whole lot more that you’ll need in order to teach online with GoGoKid.

You will want to set-up an inviting classroom, which can be done quickly with a World Map Tapestry and some simple props.

GoGoKid supplies all of the teaching slides and directions, which is nice because it saves us the hassle of creating lesson plans.

When Are GoGoKid Peak Hours?

Since you’ll be teaching children in China, the GoGoKid peak hours revolve around Beijing waking hours.

Available teaching hours start at 9am (Beijing Time) and end at 9pm (Beijing Time).

GoGoKid Schedule and Bookings. This is a key part to a GoGoKid Review

With that said, you could teach 12 hour days with GoGoKid but there are busy hours and not-so-busy hours.

The busy hours start at around 7pm (Beijing Standard Time) and end around 9pm every day. On the weekend, busy hours start at 9am and go until 9pm.

Again, you could absolutely make this your full-time job, it will just take some time to build up your student base.

Note: There is no minimum or maximum hours that must be taught with GoGoKid.

What Does GoGoKid Pay?

It wouldn’t be a proper GoGoKid review without discussing pay. Unfortunately, understanding how GoGoKid pays its teachers is one of the most confusing aspects of this company.

GoGoKid pay ranges from $14-25 per hour and your hourly pay rate will depend on many different things.

With that said, I’m going to try and explain GoGoKid pay to the best of my ability below:

GoGoKid Pay

GoGoKid pays their teachers based on the equation below:

Base Rate + Incentive Pay = Pay Per Class

Classes at GoGoKid last for 25 minutes, so you can double your pay per class to get your hourly pay rate.

GoGoKid Base Pay

Your GoGokid Base Pay can range from $7-10 per class.

GoGoKid will determine your base pay according to your education, experience with children, and how well you do on your recorded demo.

Hint: Spend time on your recorded demo! Your performance matters!

GoGoKid Incentive Pay

And now the tricky part. Understanding GoGoKid’s incentive pay.

Your incentive pay (per class) is based on this equation:

Incentive Pay = Incentive Base x Incentive Percentage

Incentive Base

Your incentive base depends on how many classes you teach each day. It changes every day.

The chart below will show you how to calculate your incentive base each day based on the number of classes you teach:

GoGoKid Incentive Base Pay - A vital part of a GoGoKid review

Incentive Percentage

Next, you’ll multiply your incentive base by your incentive percentage.

Your incentive percentage is based upon your GoGoKid “credit score”. Your credit score is determined based on your performance and attendance.

There are five levels of credit scores and you’ll be able to find your credit score on your GoGoKid dashboard.

Here is how your GoGoKid credit score will affect your pay:

GoGoKid Incentive Percentage explained

When you match your credit score with your incentive percentage, that is how much of your incentive base you’ll be earning.

For example, if I teach 9 classes in one day, my incentive base will be $2.00. If my GoGoKid credit score is 94, I’ll be earning 125% of my incentive base pay.

$2.00 x 1.25 = $2.50 per class

In that case, I would be earning my GoGoKid base pay ($7-10 per class) plus $2.50.

Let’s say my GoGoKid base pay is $9.00 per class, I would be earning $11.50 per class with my incentive pay. This would equal $23 per hour.

GoGoKid Credit Score

Now, you might be wondering, “what determines my GoGoKid credit score?”

Great question. This is a mystery to a lot of people, even current GoGoKid teachers.

Your GoGoKid credit score is based on your performance in class and your attendance.

Basically, the more 5-star reviews you get from parents, the higher your credit score will go.

In addition, the more classes you show up to on time, the higher your credit score will go.

How Does GoGoKid Pay Their Teachers?

GoGoKid pays its teachers through PayPal or direct deposit.

I know a lot of aspiring online ESL teachers are hesitant to share their banking details with a foreign company, however, I have worked for 3 different online ESL companies over the past 4 years and I’ve never had an issue.

GoGoKid’s payment system is completely secure, so you won’t have to worry about your sensitive information being shared.

How Often Do You Get Paid?

With GoGoKid, you can choose to be paid monthly or bi-weekly.

Note: If you don’t hit the $50 threshold during a specific pay period, your paycheck will roll over to the next month.

Can You Get A Raise With GoGoKid?

Unlike VIPKID, GoGoKid teachers can still receive a raise if you meet the necessary criteria.

How Can I Maximize My Earnings At GoGoKid?

A proper GoGoKid review will include the best ways to maximize your earnings, so here are a few ways you can earn more with this company:

✅ The best way to earn more money at GoGoKid is to open and teach more classes.

As I mentioned above, your class incentive depends on how many classes you teach per day. Max out that class incentive to see your hourly rate increase.

✅ Another way to earn more through GoGokid is by participating in the monthly contests and bonuses that run. Keep an eye out on your dashboard for more chances to earn bonuses.

✅ In addition, GoGoKid also has a great referral program. They offer $120 per successful referral and milestone earnings.

GoGoKid Vs VIPKID: How Do They Match Up?

GoGoKid and VIPKID are very similar but some of their policies differ.

What attracted me most to GoGoKid was the chance to earn a significant amount more per hour.

VIPKID is starting their teachers at $7-7.50 per class while GoGoKid offers between $7-10. Overall, you’ll earn more with GoGoKid than VIPKID.

With both VIPKID and GoGoKid you’ll be teaching 1-to-1 classes. Other companies like Magic Ears have their classes set up in a 4-to-1 ratio.

Another difference between GoGoKid and VIPKID is the trial class no show policy.

With VIPKID, if a trial class student doesn’t show up to class, you are paid 50% of your base pay. With GoGoKid you are paid 60% of your base pay.

GoGoKid Review: The Pros

Up next with this GoGoKid review is the positive characteristics of this company.

Here are a few reasons why GoGoKid is a great company:

✅ Straight Forward Hiring Process

The hiring process is very simple. Communication with the company is also really great. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to them for clarification.

✅ High Pay

Teachers with GoGoKid typically earn between $19-24 per hour. This is far more than other companies are offering, particularly VIPKID.

✅ Flexible Schedule

With GoGoKid, you’ll have full power over your schedule. Work as many hours as you’d like or as few hours as you’d like.

This is perfect for those with tight or specific schedules.

✅ Great Lesson Content

The lesson content is really well developed and structured. You’ll appreciate the awesome lesson plans.

✅ Interactive Classroom

The GoGoKid classroom is very interactive. You’ll have the ability to use different drawing tools and interact with your students in different ways.

GoGoKid Review: The Cons

A true GoGoKid review wouldn’t be possible without outlining the negative aspects of the company.

Here are a few things you should know before you apply to GoGoKid:

❌ The Credit Score System Is A Bit Difficult To Understand

The GoGoKid credit score system is really difficult to understand and figure out.

It is based upon your performance and attendance but you cannot determine your credit score on your own. GoGoKid doesn’t share exactly how they calculate credit scores, so this is a downfall of this company.

Also, many teachers have a problem with certain things associated with the credit score system.

Certain circumstances can take away from your credit score and sometimes these circumstances are beyond our control.

❌ Parents Book Classes

There are many companies that book classes for their teachers, meaning they are guaranteed classes.

With GoGoKid, the parents are responsible for booking classes and that means you’re at their mercy. Bookings are not guaranteed.

GoGoKid Bookings

Within 24 hours of opening my schedule, I started to get bookings with GoGoKid. My first full week, I had five classes booked. Week two I had 11 booked. I plan on opening more slots in the coming weeks and building up to 30 hours per week.

Apply To GoGoKid

If you’d like to teach for GoGoKid, you can apply by clicking this link:
Apply Now!

The Wrap-Up: GoGoKid Review

Overall, GoGoKid is a quality company to work for. Although I don’t think it’s the top choice in online ESL companies at the moment, it is a great opportunity.

I hope this review helped you decide whether or not GoGoKid is the right company for you.

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  1. Hi. I’d like to be able to email with Janae De La Rosa regarding starting as a GoGoKid teacher. I clicked on the sign-up link above and got an email response. But, when I clicked on the link from the email, although her mentor info is in the GoGoKid address, I’m unable to advance from the initial page that opened.

    Thank you for your assistance. -k

  2. Hi, is gogokid still in operation? i tried the link and tried to sign in via my google account nothing is happening. Let me know I am interested. I have the credentials and experience.

    Thank you,

    Leo Pacana

    1. Hi Leo,

      GoGoKid is still in operation. You’ll need to sign-up before you can click the Google button to sign-in. I just tried it with a new email. So instead of clicking on Google to access your email, just type your email into the blank and create a password. That should do the trick!

  3. I am now working for both companies, VIPKID and GGOKID, how do you handle scheduling. I have opened up all time slots on both platforms but I’m afraid a time may be booked at the same time. What is your system?

    1. Hi Lanie,

      From what I’ve heard, it’s best to only open certain slots for one company and other slots for the other. I wouldn’t overlap them just in case they are booked at the same time. Since this is a guest post, I can’t really speak for Janae and her system BUT I know lots of teachers who teach for more than one company and that’s what they’ve told me about their system for booking classes.

      Hope that helps!


  4. Hello GoGoKid,

    I would love to work for your company. I have an Associate Degree and a TEFL certificate. I have years of experience teaching from 4th-12th grade. I’ve Mentored Women and also taught women to become Mentors.

    I love teaching and have letters of recommendation from grown previous students. Would you be able to consider me without the bachelor’s degree?

    Thank you,

    Hopefully, you’ll consider me? Thank you again for your time.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Sorry for the confusion, but this is our review of the company, not the actual company. You’ll want to find the GoGoKid website, which you can do by typing into Google “GoGoKid”.

      However, I do know that GoGoKid will not hire teachers that do not have Bachelor’s degrees based on the law set by the Ministry of Education in China. So, unfortunately, it’s non-negotiable.

      Sorry for the confusion! I hope this helps!

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